Friday, 20 June 2014

My Summer Bucket List

Hello lovelies! As it's clearly now summer, I thought that I would do a summer-related post. This week, I am going to do my summer bucket list

1. Go to London and go on a sightseeing bus.
2. Try a new food
3. Do more excersise 
4. Go for a long walk
5. Have a barbecue 
6. Do a blog post as often as I can
7. Attempt to get a sun tan (even though I'll burn)
8. Learn to play the piano over the 6 week summer holiday.
9. Eat more fruit
10. Make Summer 2014 the best summer yet!

I will let you know if I manage to accomplish these goals. I would love to see some of your summer bucket lists, link them below!

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